Social Enterprise Solutions

Social Enterprise Impact and Solutions covers social impact as a foundation for your social enterprise, with practical guidance to enable you to plan, deliver and sustain your activities, and measure the impact of your social enterprise.

  1. Introduction to social enterprise
    1. What is social enterprise?
  2. Social Impact
    1. What is the impact you want to make?
    2. How to measure social impact
  3. Understanding your market
    1. Customer analysis
    2. Understanding your market and competitors
  4. Roles and Responsibilities
    1. Good governance
    2. Outlining who will be involved
    3. Succession planning
  5. Financial planning
    1. Securing investment
    2. How will the financials work?
  6. Business Planning and Activity
    1. What is the business activity?
    2. Business planning

It is important to note that these sections are written independently of each other, and do not assume knowledge of any of the sections which come before. You do not need to work through them one by one, and we encourage you to dip in and out, depending on your interest and what you want to learn.

Any sections which require specific knowledge have links to the relevant section which will provide greater detail.

The Social Enterprise Solutions learning materials will take you from a starting place of ‘What is social enterprise?’, to developing a business plan for your social enterprise.  The materials in each section provide the learning required to inform your business plan, taking into account  your strategy, business and operations, context, the market in which you operate, roles and responsibilities, and financials.

In the roles and responsibilities section, we cover collective leadership, good governance, and succession planning (who will take over, and how do you ensure that your project is sustainable into the future), which alongside the financial section – are important for ensuring that your social enterprise has a lasting impact.

Within this module we also cover social impact for your social enterprise activity and strategy, with guidance on defining the impact you want to make and how you can measure your social impact.


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