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Welcome to the homepage for Scotland’s Rural Social Enterprise Network. 

Across Scotland, 33% of social enterprises are located in rural and remote areas, making up a significant proportion of social enterprises overall. Many rural social enterprises are driven by collective action, and the need to sustain essential services, and fulfil community needs and aspirations. 

While there is a strong tradition of social enterprise in rural areas, many of the learning and networking opportunities for social enterprises have developed from an urban perspective.  The Rural SEN recognises the need for separate and distinct networking opportunities for social enterprises based in rural and remote areas, who often face different challenges and opportunities to their urban peers. 

Given the geography of rural Scotland, which include islands, peninsulas and remote communities, the option of in-person networking is often challenging in terms of both the time, and costs of travel. This factor can limit the access of rural stakeholders to participate in learning, networking, and peer support.

The Rural SEN is hosted digitally either monthly or bi-monthly (this is led by our members), and connects Scotland’s rural social enterprises, enabling them to share their challenges and solutions, interesting resources, identify potential partnerships, and benefit from a network of peer support. 


To sign up to the Rural SEN, and stay informed of future meetings, contact 


Rural SEN Minutes:

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