Prioritising and Action Planning

Action Planning

Your plans should be informed by the priorities collected in your surveying of the community. This will allow you to:

  • Outline what you want to achieve – relating to the priorities identified
  • Communicate your ideas to stakeholders (community, partner agencies/organisations, funders, visitors, etc)
  • Provide a basis to make decisions and clarify actions

The community or project plan is a bridge between your community as it is today and its vision for the future.

The Why Have a Plan resource will help you to consider your specific priorities, recommended actions, what resources are available to you, and what actions you will take to meet your community aspirations.

These resources from the Community-Led Action Planning Toolkit give information, templates, and how-to guides related to organising community planning sessions. They also explain how to construct your action plan and how to set specific and measurable goals.

Planning Session Factsheet

  • This factsheet is useful for organising actions into individual responsibilities, explains how these are useful for achieving outcomes, and how achievements can be measured.

Planning Session Template

  • This template can be used to outline plan outcomes and plan action including who, how, and when action will be carried out. Also explains how to assess the impact of this action upon the plan.

Measuring Outcomes Factsheet 

  • Gives a useful strategy for measuring the success of actions against plan outcomes. Having specific measurable outcomes is important to determine your progress.
  • This factsheet can help you to plan goals which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timebound.