Networking and Partnerships

Networking and Partnerships is the second module in the ViSEnet learning materials – and offers practical guidance to explain the benefits of networking (virtual and in-person) and partnerships for rural social enterprises. This module is composed of 5 chapters, which cover:


  1. Social enterprise networking
  2. How to organise networking activities
  3. Guidance for digital networking
  4. Social enterprise learning exchanges
  5. Partnership working

It is important to note that these chapters are written independently of each other, and do not assume knowledge of any of the chapters which come before. You do not need to work through them one by one, and we encourage you to dip in and out of chapters, depending on your interest and what you want to learn.

Networking and Partnerships builds on the information and skills learned from Module 1, and goes on to explain the basics of networking, how to host and attend events, and why it’s important to have a wide network of peers and supporters to reach out to, and learn from.

The final chapter explains the benefits of partnership working for smaller, rural enterprises – who can come together to deliver services and create impact which would be more difficult, or impossible to achieve through working independently.


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