Community Engagement

What is community engagement?

Community engagement allows communities build trust, increase collaboration, communication and involvement. This approach is based on principles that respect the right of all community members to be informed, involved and empowered.

Community engagement can empower collective decision making, and gives people the opportunity to work towards and share their visions for the future. It takes into account the broad range of views and perspectives across the community and allows you to establish a shared vision between community members.

For good community engagement, it is important to create the right environment, where everyone is able and confident to contribute to discussion. The ability of communities to come together and adapt to ever-changing needs and opportunities is expected to become even more valuable in coming years, especially in light of our rapidly changing climate. Social enterprise is a dynamic business model which is adaptable and flexible to the needs and priorities of your community and can produce many social and environmental benefits to fulfill your aspirations and goals.

  • Effective communication and strong community engagement can overcome resource limitations, enabling communities to become more focused, effective and resilient. Community engagement can adapt to suit different contexts and there are different strategies and tools which inform, consult, involve, collaborate and empower community members.
  • Empowering local people through encouraged and valued involvement results in greater numbers of participants and volunteers for delivering action. Continuous information sharing and regular meetings means that local residents are fully involved in the process, and feel ownership of community actions.


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